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Brit Kemp on Sundays


Photos and words by Brit.


This week we caught up with Brit, an Atlanta, GA based painter, who uses her art to bring harmony to the world. A queen of glowy selfies and good vibes, we seeked to find out what grounds and centers Brit as an artist and person.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? The first thing I do when I wake up is grab a glass of water and open my sheer lace curtains. I love how the trees surrounding my house glow in the morning. When the sun is pink, the trees are pink, when the sun is orange, the trees are too. 

What time of day are you most productive? These days I’m most productive at sun rise. 

What makes you feel the most at home? My art makes me feel the most at home because I create all of it in my room. 

What brings you peace? I don’t believe in peace, I believe in wholeness and harmony- Authentic expression, meditation, and nature brings me both. 


What fills you with joy? Loving relationships fill me with joy. 

How has your relationship with the internet shaped the way you see the world? My relationship with the internet has shaped me to see how dual the world really is. There are people uplifting others and then there are people who are tearing them down all at the same time. It has shaped me to understand how important boundaries are and it has also shaped me to be more aware and mindful of how I spend my time. The internet, social media specifically is very distracting to your present reality and soul. 


What is your ideal Sunday? My ideal Sunday is a sunny day, at home painting with my favorite tunes blasting. Burning a incense and drinking a smoothie! 

What heavily influences your art? Nature heavily influences my art- all day, everyday. 

“I believe in wholeness and harmony,” 


One day I will be a legendary painter. 
There’s no place like NOW. 
I can’t live without Meditation. 
I find inspiration in NATURE. 

What keeps you inspired? Music keeps me inspired! 
My Sunday song is Makeba by Jain or Coconut Kiss by Niki & The Dove. 
My Sunday scent is a Fresh Lemongrass candle. 
My Sunday drink is a mixed berry banana smoothie with hemp seeds and maca powder. 
My Sunday color is Green. 
My Sunday feeling is Clarity.

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