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Clare Paint x On Sunday: A Quick Kitchen Refresh


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a space. It can provide a shift in perspective and a drastic switch in the vibe of a room. Clare is a direct to consumer, paint brand committed to providing consumers with an ethical and beautiful option for home paint. When given the opportunity to partner with Clare Paint, we had the perfect project in mind: refreshing the time-worn kitchen in Joshua’s family home.

The kitchen is, in a word, the heart of a home. It’s the space that most often brings family and friends together & it’s arguably the most important room in many homes–the Mcleod resident not excluded. This kitchen sees the more traffic than any other space, and definitely receives the most love, since Joshua’s mother is a cake decorator. However, years of unchanged interior and daily use in such an impactful room can truly bring down the energy in a space–it was time for an update.


In the instance of this particular twenty year old kitchen, the important thing to remember was function. It was super important that the kitchen remain neutral, minimal and low maintenance. We began by clearing off all surfaces, and then segued into removing the peeling and withered wall paper that ran along the backsplash–an easy way to ensure a fresh start.

While there is definitely an argument to be made for Injecting color into a space to liven it up, we chose to stick with Clare’s Timeless paint color–a creamy white which would help us avoid color cast (making it great for accurately mixing icing colors), and would surely bring ample light into the space.


The painting portion of our project got off to a easy start as Clare offers everything you could need for a paint project. Drop cloths, tape, primer, stir sticks, trim brushes, and the paint itself– everything ships directly to your space. A brief and easy to follow, instruction booklet is straightforward enough that even a novice weekend warrior can easily follow along and see a project through.

Head to Clare’s website to explore all of the beautiful, classic and trend right colors the company offers and to plan your own personal room refresh. And if you’re curious, keep your eyes on this space for a following post about how we transformed the kitchen cabinets!

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