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Amy Virginia on Sundays


If you were to combine eternal positivity, the spirit of a lifetime performer, the ingenuity of a creative director, an uncanny ability to connect people, a little bit of magic, and a spot of sunshine into human form you would get Amy Virginia Buchanan. We caught up with Amy–and her cat Whenny– at her Fort Greene, Brooklyn home, and discussed what makes her Sundays tick.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? I try not to check my phone beyond turning off an alarm and clocking the time. I climb out of bed and on my way to the kitchen I flip on the lamp at my desk, keeping the rest of the house dark so my partner, Reagan, can sleep. I’m a morning person, so I tend to wake up first. I make my own coffee, a ritual that I have loved since my days as a barista. By the time the water’s heated, the beans are ground, and I take that first sip, I’m fully awake and ready for my day.

What time of day are you most productive? Mornings, always. Even in college I could never pull all nighters to write a paper, I just get so sleepy. But in the morning I’m fresh and excited and so incredibly hopeful, so what better time to try to accomplish things?


What makes you feel the most at home? Scents. My mother was a candle burner and so am I. Though now it’s candles, incense, sage, all things earthy and natural. I can make myself at home most anywhere I go if I have the right things to burn.

What brings you peace? Self awareness. I like that I’m not afraid to change, but I definitely always need to know who I am.

“People are so special and that is something that so much of the world takes for granted.”

One day I will live on a cobblestone street.

There’s no place like Blue Lake, California. A teeny little town tucked next to a mountain right outside the Redwood Forest with the Pacific just a short drive away. I spent a year there nearly a decade ago, but I think about it nearly every day.


I can’t live without my cat. Someday I’ll have to, because she’ll die, But in the meantime, she’s been the only constant element of my existence for the past twelve years.

I find inspiration in people. People are so special and that is something that so much of the world takes for granted.

My Sunday song is Let’s Stay Together by Al Green.

My Sunday scent is DS and Durga’s “Big Sur After Rain” candle.

My Sunday drink is coffee in the morning and some bougie-ass orange wine any time after 2pm.

My Sunday color is slate grey.

My Sunday feeling is satisfied and refreshed.

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