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On Sunday x Dropbox- A Valentine's Day Affair


When it was proposed that On Sunday host a Valentine’s Day Floral Cloche Workshop at Dropbox’s New York offices, our immediate reaction was a resounding “Yes!” and an immediate gathering of supplies. But the biggest, most important part of the puzzle? The flowers.


At the intersection of 28th Street and 7th avenue in Chelsea sits the flower district, a completely inconspicuous series of shops and markets that house the city’s most prized flowers. Cut by the stem and sold by the bunch, beautiful colors and gorgeous organic shapes abound. We began the week of the workshop by taking two early morning trips to the flower market to slowly gather flowers we would need to create the displays–keeping in mind that we wanted to include a variety of sizes and shapes of flowers while sticking to a classic Valentine’s Day color palette.

The day of the event, we arrived to Dropbox’s offices with buckets of flowers, boxes of cloches, and all of our supplies in tow. Despite this being a larger-scale event, we wanted to ensuring that each person in attendance had a personalized and inclusive experience–carrying over the same close-knit feeling of community from our smaller events. After about an hour of prep and set up we were ready to go.

Under the instruction of co-founder Joshua and set to the tunes of the Sundays in February playlist, Dropbox’s employees absorbed the basics of floral arranging, learned the names of each flower, and got to work arranging their own one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Photo Feb 14, 4 07 37 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 14, 4 58 21 PM.jpg

Dropbox does a wonderful job of creating space for community to grow organically, and we felt so excited to be able to contribute positively to their company culture. Working with our contacts, Peter and Elle, to build an event that harkens back to the company’s core commitment of team building was such a special experience, and it’s one that we look forward to sharing with other workplaces in the future!

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