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Lessons on Cake Decorating-A Workshop


At On Sunday, we have set out from the very beginning with the goal of building a community through the fundamentals of hospitality. We want to provide both a digital and physical space where our guests feel inclined to learn, grow, and create as they seek new personal relationships among each other.

As On Sunday continues to grow, we want to foster an environment that is open and impactful through the several projects and events that we have planned this year and beyond.

This spring we’re excited to kick-off our first workshop of 2019 inspired by co-founder Joshua’s childhood memories of helping his cake decorator mother create beautiful desserts for her clients. Join us Sunday, March 3 in New York, New York from 12-2pm for Lessons on Cake Decorating  that will not only foster community connection, but will also allow you to walk away with newfound cake arts skills. Space and cakes are limited, reserve your spot today. We hope to see you there!

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