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Corbin On Coffee Breaks


We're revisiting our coffee break series with this week's guest editor Corbin Burton. Corbin is a self-proclaimed introspective extrovert, skincare advocate, paddle boarding enthusiast, writer, activist, and coffee lover. Originally hailing from North Carolina, she has made a home for herself in Austin, Texas.  Corbin talks her favorite coffee shop, Houndstooth, on this week’s Coffee Breaks:

You know that girl in you see in the corner of the coffee shop, nose deep in a good book or so entranced in writing that she doesn't even look up long enough to glance at those around her?

I have always wanted to be that girl.

There is something so enigmatic about the types of people who frequent coffee shops, whether you're just passing through or hunkered down in a corner.


The past year has been a year of transition for me, but the one constant has been my morning stops to the coffee shop just feet from my apartment; walking in, seeing familiar faces, starting my day with that jolt of caffeine that I need ever so badly.

Through all this transition, I have found my love for writing again, I have formed a side business that gets me excited and have solidified relationships even in the midst of uncertainty. I'm thankful for a lot of things, but the routine of my morning coffee stop is something that typically goes unappreciated.

In striking black font reads the words "The Pattern of Coffee and People" across the back wall of my favorite Austin coffee shop, Houndstooth. It's simplistic in its beauty and is a reminder to be grateful even for the routine, the patterns of life that go unnoticed.

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