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Every Sunday we release The Journal, a weekly collection of musings on lifestyle, wardrobe, and culture—in efforts to redefine what it means to come home.


Sundays in July


July feels like a slow melt into the height of summertime—popsicles melting into a sugary mess, body heat melting into sweat, ice evaporating into condensation. Everything is dripping—in sunshine, in heat, and in nostalgia. The warmth of summer takes us back to summers past, and we’re reminded of the exhilaration of summer vacation and simpler times. July sounds like the AC humming constant and steady; upbeat music playing through a tinny speaker, an ice cream truck wailing in the distance, sticky and humid night-time silence descended like a too-heavy blanket. July sounds like hips whining, bicycles whizzing, children laughing, grills sizzling, fireworks popping. July sounds like this:

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