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A Better Morning with Maude


Brought to you by our friends at Maude.


There is a fine line between screaming about your sex life, and proudly proclaiming a sexual identity–Maude has found the line, toed it, and expounded upon it to create an entire host of products that allow sexual identity to hide in plain sight. Gone are the days of gaudy drugstore lube hiding in bedside drawers, condoms tucked in covert crevices, and sex toys in shoeboxes.  Sex and sexuality are part of life as integral to the human experience as eating and drinking, and as such they should be allowed to take a rightful place in our everyday lives.


We have partnered with Maude to take a sex positive stance on procrastination. This month, we urge you to carve some time out for your sex life–be it alone or with a partner. Put off your anxieties and stresses, and make some time to decompress. Get in touch with the subtleties of your sexuality, experiment, wake up to a better you, and wake up to a better sex life.

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