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Helen Anna on Sundays


Photos by Helen Anna, unless otherwise stated.

Photo by  Carl Ostberg

Photo by Carl Ostberg

Vancouver based creative, Helen Anna, epitomizes the phrase "goals".  Helen–whose success can be attributed, at least in a small part, to #helananasbananas (stop what you're doing and look it up) and in large part to her minimal, yet playful aesthetic–is an accomplished freelancer, skilled metalsmith, lover of sunshine, and expert on all things color.

What is on your bedside table?
A glass of ice water, a small woolen sheep I got years ago at MUJI, and a bottle of Le Labo Rose 31. Happiness in 3 items!

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Gosh, I wish I had a different response for this but the truth is I check my phone. Then I ignore it all until after coffee. Unless Rome is burning, nothing is more important than coffee at seven in the morning.

Any Sunday-specific rituals?
Days of the week aren’t really as significant since I began working for myself, but once a week I take a whole day where I don’t work at all, not even email. Recently Sundays have been shoot days: lots of people I collaborate with still have their 9-5s, so the weekend tends to be when all the creativity pours out.


"My personal creative work is built of little moments like that: a touch, the light hitting a wall, a certain fragrance... anything that snaps me out of the status quo."

- Helen Anna


What makes you feel at home?
Light colours, natural textures, lots of space and air. My home is very minimal: I think my visit to Japan last year really sealed the deal on living simply.

Who is the first person you go to with good news?
My mum in London. We speak most days, she’s my biggest cheerleader. She just started another publishing business at 67, I’m so proud of her!

What color do you love the most in the world and why?
International Klein Blue. It’s mesmerizing. Imagine having a colour named after you... so badass.

If you had to do one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I’d do what I’m doing now: I get to work with a diverse range of brands and no two projects are ever the same. As someone that gets bored easily, that means a lot to me.

How do you practice Self Care?
I drink lots of water and keep my finances in order. I believe financial health is almost as important as physical health.

How do you best channel creativity?
I’m inspired by the people I meet, especially strangers. Today I gave a homeless man my apple,and he asked to hold onto my hand. His touch totally pulled me out of my bubble, and while I don’t know when that’ll show up in my work, I know that it will. My personal creative work is built of little moments like that: a touch, the light hitting a wall, a certain fragrance... anything that snaps me out of the status quo.

At what time are you the most productive?
As soon as my morning coffee kicks in I’m like this for a good couple of hours!


What is one thing people wouldn’t know by looking at you?
I know my way around a dremel and blowtorch, having studied Silversmithing at Central St. Martins in London.

What’s the last thing you do before you go to sleep?
I roll on some lavender oil, mush my head into my pillow, and climb onto the mental treadmill where I review everything I’ve done that day. It’s a terrible habit... I’m working on it.

What does your perfect Sunday look like?
A day at the beach, no one around, just sunshine, a picnic and some good music. I have lots of days like that in the summer.

If you were a song, you would be “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison
If you were a scent, you would be Santal 33 by Le Labo. I wear it almost every day.
If you were an animal, you would be a hippo. People think they’re cute but they have a dark side. And they like the water. We’re very similar.
If you were a drink, you would be Cherry Coke.
If you were a day of the week, you would be Saturday. It’s the beginning of freedom. On Saturday, everything is in front of you.



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