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Cleverly Laundry

Brought to you by our friends at Cleverly Laundry


Controversial opinion alert: Matching pajama sets are superior to all other items of clothing. You’d be hard pressed to name another clothing item that is as versatile, comfortable, and eternally stylish as the pajama set. As a close cousin of the romper, the ideal two piece set is seamless in color and or pattern and affords the wearer maximum room for a pancake food baby. Bonus points if there’s pockets.


If you’re a proponent of the two piece PJ set as everyday clothing, if you’ve ever envied the effortlessly cool look that comes will perfectly coordinated separates, if you’ve ever wanted to roll straight out of bed and up to the preferred brunch spot of your friend group, then Cleverly Laundry is the stuff of your dreams–pun intended, because pjs.

Kerrilyn Gibson

Joshua McLeod

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