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Bag of Tricks


Brought to you by our friends at Article & Goods


This April Fool's Day, we have secured a few tricks, and anything else you might want to carry, in the bag. Startup leather goods company, Article & Goods, is focused on creating the highest quality leather accessories possible, and their bags are the kind that will easily integrate into your daily lifestyle for years to come.

We’ve tested out the No. A1 modern tote in black leather for work-to-weekend use and its the perfect size for everyday essentials while being roomy enough to simultaneously hold an entire floral arrangement.


The Structured Camera Bag makes a great case for traveling lightly. It will easily house most camera bodies, even bulky DSLRs, with plenty of room for one or two small lenses. As a bonus, this bag makes a great crossbody. Quickly swap out your camera for the essentials–keys, wallet, phone, and candle sticks.

From fruit salad and candles, to floral arrangements and cookware, these bags act as a foundational building block to a capsule wardrobe–and that’s no joke.

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