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The Art of Masking


Clay masks are probably a favorite of your resident hippie friend, and for good reason. While clay masks can range from 100% naturally derived to the highly chemically enhanced, the main ingredient works the same every time. Clay has a natural cleansing, healing ability and when applied to the skin draws out impurities, i.e. all the bad gunk in your pores, while simultaneously working to exfoliate and hydrate skin. Decidedly the messiest of the three, clay masks are most easily applied with a brush, and removed with a quick wash over the sink. This mask’s pore shrinking properties make it best for those looking with oily skin, of those looking for more balance in their combination skin.

Peel Off masks are probably what you automatically think of when we say “masking”. Composed primarily of gel, these masks have the same purifying properties of clay masks– helping to clear pores and eradicate dead skin cells. The liquid formula, applied to the face with a brush or your fingertips, slowly hardens over time as it purifies skin, and can be peeled off when completely dry. Peel off masks are great for all skin types, but dry skin types should look for moisturizing ingredients like honey, and oilier skin types for purifying ingredients like cucumber.


Sheet masks are known for their hydrating, maximum absorption abilities. This type of mask has gained popularity in the past few years as a staple in the most intense of Korean skincare routines.  Sheet masks come individually wrapped and packed with nourishing serums and solutions. As a result, sheet masks are a great option for the jetsetter hoping to make a positive impact on their skin while multitasking. Leave the mask on for a few minutes, type a few emails, peel off in one failed swoop, and toss–it couldn’t get any easier. This mask type is best for all skin types, but particularly dry/combination skin.

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