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Five Movies to Keep You Warm


Although spring has technically already sprung, warm temps don't seem to be ready to linger. During a cold snap you can find us cozying up on the couch, watching a great movie, wishfully willing the weather to make a turn toward the summery, so this week, we have put together a nostalgic edit of warmth inducing films for your next movie night (or day).


Sit back, buckle up, and get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions with this 1989 classic drama starring fresh faced Robert Sean Leonard and Ethan Hawke as students of John Keating, played by the forever beloved Robin Williams. Keating works tirelessly to teach his students– standoffish, privileged teenage boys– how to truly feel emotions and live a just life worthy of the classical poetry the characters immerse themselves in.


If we’re being frank, Cruel Intentions is a problematic fav. Watching through a lense of 2018, much of its plot and dialog may not hold up. However, if you concede to taking it seriously, this steamy romp through the escapades (and sexcapades) of the lives of ridiculously wealthy, endlessly bored early 2000’s Upper East Side teenagers is still enough to get the coldest winter body hot and bothered. Featuring an all star late 90s/early 00s cast–Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Ryan Phillippe–this pre Gossip Girl story of deception and sexual tension is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon, if only for the endless fashion inspiration.


A classic throwback to pre Isle of Dogs stop motion Wes Anderson movies is definitely in order for any Sunday afternoon when you just want to burrow under a blanket on the couch and relish in the fantastical world of talking animals who also wear clothes (bonus points for title character, Mr. Fox, being voiced by George Clooney).


So if you love Dirty Dancing, you probably never forgot that you love dirty dancing, but hear us out. Watching this classic 80s film starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey will undoubtedly bring you straight back to the first time you watched it–and by it, we mean Swayze’s hips, gyrating in tight black pants for the better half of Dirty Dancing’s one hour and forty minute run time. Caliente, indeed.


Meryl Streep, in Greece, singing and dancing in overalls. If that’s not enough to make you smile, then what is? This 2006 movie adaptation of the broadway musical set to the musical stylings of Swedish 70s pop band ABBA, is perfect for putting you in a summery mood and kicking that seasonal depression that creeps back with every unexpected drop in temperature.


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