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Every Sunday we release The Journal, a weekly collection of musings on lifestyle, wardrobe, and culture—in efforts to redefine what it means to come home.


The Promise of Progress


Our fast-paced lifestyles and on-the-go mentalities have been the achilles heel of our generation. We are constantly moving, thinking, doing–and in our forward moving lives we are quick to forget those that came before us. Strong willed black ancestors who worked their entire lives for the unrealized dream of our future. As a brand started by two people of color, we are humbled and gracious at the opportunity at hand to build a brand that is a safe space for people of all identities, and we feel fortunate to be free to produce and create in a way that is inclusive.

Ultimately, we wish for On Sunday to stand as a testament that being completely yourself is something to celebrate—that being black is something to celebrate. We actively strive to see ourselves reflected in content we produce for On Sunday in some way, and we want to be worthy of the path towards greatness that our families laid for us.

Happy Black History Month

xo Joshua & Kerrilyn

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