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Every Sunday we release The Journal, a weekly collection of musings on lifestyle, wardrobe, and culture—in efforts to redefine what it means to come home.


Sundays in February


This month we turn the focus to Sensual Healing.  We know, just hear us out. It’s a month centered around love—and we’re definitely not talking about love equated to pink and red hearts, candy, and made-for-tv romance movies. Nor are we necessarily talking about an all consuming, passionate, and sexual love for another person, although that is definitely par for the course.

We are talking about the love we most want to build; be it for a new creative or career pursuit, for our own bodies and souls, for the world, for our neighbors, for a significant other. We want to show love by directing compassion, dedication, tenderness, and indulgence to the things we care the most about in this world.

Sundays in February sound like jazz records, fingertips grazing your arm and reciting positive affirmations in the mirror. They sound like slow mornings, and long nights and indulgence aplenty. Sundays in February sound something like this...

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