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His & Hims


We have a habit of downplaying our medical queries, be them big or small. And while balding is in fact hereditary and seemingly an inevitable fate for some, there are precautions you can take to be proactive about the process–particularly if you’re afraid of bringing it up at your next check up. If you think that your head is getting bigger or your hair is getting smaller, it’s definitely best to act sooner rather than later.

Let’s be real, one or two errant hairs here and there, or a slowly receding widows peak can absolutely add up to a bald spot over time. Hims, working under the idea that “prevention is better than denial”, aims to help the modern man approach hair personal wellness with dignity and without toxic masculinity because as they so eloquently put it: “Men are allowed to take care of themselves”. Amen.

With a combination of topical scalp drops, pills, gummies, and shampoo, Hims’ scientifically proven formulas stop hair loss it its tracks. And while they can’t 100% guarantee that the hair you’ve already lost will grow back, the brand stands firmly by their preventative stance.


Hims’ products take the embarrassment out of male pattern baldness. Gone are the brightly colored 48 pt font riddled bottles plastered with garish proclamations of hair loss. They’ve been replaced by sleek, discreet packaging and packed with all the best hair-growing supplements, packaging which can be found throughout their entire product line which also includes products for erectile dysfunction, and soon to come, skin.

Think of Hims as the Glossier of the male medicine cabinet–strongly situated within their target demographic, not afraid to speak out about concerns that most men shirk away from, aesthetically made for photographing, yet committed to making taboo subjects accessible and solvable. Hims is here for you, and we’re definitely here for Hims.

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