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3 Books for a More Productive Sunday


The Kinfolk Entrepreneur In Kinfolk Magazine’s third book, The Kinfolk Entrepreneur, the editors of the famed slow living, scandinavian inspired American magazine tackle what it means to be an entrepreneur by interviewing forty business owners all over the world. The book chronicles the ups and downs of owning your own business and includes advice from business owners around the world operating businesses large and small. And if your Sunday Scaries are actually everyday-of-the-week-scaries, then let this book be your guide to a new career-one on your own terms.

The Alchemist On the surface,The Alchemist is a story that follows a shepherd boy, Santiago, on a quest to find a buried treasure that he’s seen in a dream. But at its core, the story is about finding your purpose in life. In this classic read, Santiago goes on a long, rambling journey across the world. He encounters many people, all of which help to build his life puzzle piece by piece. If you’re willing and able to give yourself over to an extended metaphor, and ready for a mystica, introspective Sunday, then this insightful read is perfect for you.

Everything I Want to Eat Whether you’re a seasoned chef, or fresh to the cooking game we’re confident that you’ll find something that piques your interest in this cookbook. Inspired by the recipes of one of Los Angeles favorite cafe’s, Sqirl, this culmination of chef Jessica Koslow favorite recipes is a fantastic way to get creative in the kitchen on Sunday. Our personal, super simple and healthy favorites? Vanilla bean limeade & the crunchy sprouts, kohlrabi, and beet salad.

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