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The Art of Self Care


Self care was at once ambiguous and all encompassing. In the busy end-of-year season, we tend to neglect our personal mental and physical health. We focus instead on the needs of others, or jobs, our loved ones, never ending to-do lists.

January marks a new beginning, and a chance to relax and reset. While a new year is the perfect excuse to assess one’s self care habits, self care should be a constant concern. Taking the time to really tune into what your body needs and craves is the best way to ensure that your personal health doesn't take a blow.

Self care means different things to everyone. For some it may be taking a step away from your life for a bit, vacationing and exploring a new destination. For others it may be turning off your phone and sitting in complete silence, and for others it may be as simple as binging your favorite Netflix series until your mind is blank of life’s troubles and is in a better place to analyze and move forward.

Self care can take the shape of face masks, and ten mile runs, and a glass of red wine, and having sex, or not having sex. Self care can look like locking yourself alone in a room, or spending time with friends. It looks like rock climbing, and eating the cake, and juicing, and vegging on the couch—all at the same time. It looks like so many different things and it’s completely up to you what your self care ritual consists of.

Ask your body what it needs. Pay attention to what you are lacking, what on your hierarchy of needs is not being met, and pursue it. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you.

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