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James & Patrick on Sundays


We are pleased to welcome our first guests in The Sunday Journal’s monthly in-home series. In this series, we hope to delve into the minds of creatives and industry players in order to inspire others in the quest to create their perfect Sunday. Meet our first guests, the Brooklyn-based, design minded couple James Austin Reid & Patrick Darole. We got the chance to explore their bedtime habits, their Sunday rituals, and the place they call home.


What do you love most about Sundays? I love that Sundays are my day to reset. Patrick and I live in a pretty small (and pretty impractical) one-room loft space that requires constant love and attention if you want to keep it neat. Between working a lot and my very demanding lounging and eating take-out schedule (don't judge), I tend to neglect the apartment during the week. Sundays are my means to a fresh start each week. 

At what time do you guys normally wake up? Me? Later than I'm comfortable admitting. I'd say around eight or nine. I like a slow start on Sunday. My bed is one of my favorite spots and we've been investing in new comfy linens, bedding and pillows recently, making my starts on Sunday that much slower. Patrick on the other hand—he's up at 'em at seven, ready to hit the grocery store and coffee shop. 

Do you have any Sunday essentials? If so, what are they? Coffee—sometimes at our favorite spots in the neighborhood or at home if we're feeling adult. A pyrex cup to water my plants. Facial masks. My favorite, tattered sweatshirt from my childhood soccer league. Yes, it still fits. Dare I say sweatpants? 

What about your home makes you feel the most comfortable? Now we're talking. Love a good chachki. I'm also a bit of a plant queen. I like to keep walls and furniture neutral so I can introduce color and interest with plants, ceramics (you can take the boy out of San Francisco, but you can't take the San Francisco out of the boy) and decor. I think it's just important to make your space personal and feel lived in. Simplicity is good for peace of mind but you have to pepper in little objects that make you smile.


Any Sunday morning rituals? Lots of laundry. When I say laundry I mean "wash & fold"—a luxury we were introduced to when moving to Brooklyn. Grocery shopping and prepping meals for the week. We've also been having friends over for (gay) brunches lately, some with our core group of friends, some with a mixed bag of old friends from California and new pals we've met in NYC. It's fun. Then Patty and I typically just have one-on-one time around Bushwick and the apartment—gotta cherish those final, relaxing hours before the work week kicks off. 

What's on your bedside table? A glass of water and a sleeping mask I never use, otherwise, I like to keep my bedside environment pretty minimal. I can't relax when I'm face-to-face with a bunch of clutter. Patrick likes to keep his (junk) mail in his nightstand—to each their own!

What's your secret to keeping your home organized? Simplicity. Having less, better things. Patty and I also started our careers in retail—keeping your folding game strong is key. 


"My bed is one of my favorite spots and we've been investing in new comfy linens, bedding and pillows recently, making my starts on Sunday that much slower."

- James Austin Reid


Any books you're currently reading? Still recovering from A Little LifeRead it over a year ago and still think about Jude *broken heart emoji*. I did just start Enigma Variations by André Aciman. Patrick read it and liked it. Same author as Call Me By Your Name, but I'm saving that for later. Seems necessary to read during the summer, maybe poolside or in a villa, ya know? 

What's your perfect Sunday afternoon movie? What a loaded question! Probably something I've seen a million times so I can multi-task. Perhaps a Pulp FictionStepmom (love Susan) and Clueless triple feature? If I want to put a smile on Patty's face, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, for sure.

What's your perfect Sunday tune? Right now? SZA. But she's just been my all-day-every-day for the last month. But all time? Probably New Order's Power, Corruption & Lies - anything new wave is near and dear to my heart. Maybe Sam Cooke!

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