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Skin Care Made Easy


Pared back and unsuspecting, Public Goods’ skincare products are a minimalist dream. Each beautifully designed Public Goods product features stark white packaging and graphic black type (just think of the shelfies). And while the outside is beautiful, what’s even more remarkable is the product inside and the price tag attached.

With a waste-not-want-not policy, the company has had fantastic reception from publications like GQ, and for good reason. Public Goods is focused on creating healthy and chemical free products that fit perfectly into your life. They are obsessively formulated, and committed to reducing waste, as proven by their direct to consumer business model.

Public Goods’ entire product range is priced under $20, making them cost effective for everyday use. Our particular favorites are the body wash & shaving cream, which our co-founder Joshua has been using avidly for the past month. The body wash is just the right consistency to work in the perfect lather, and the shaving cream is a great moisture-rich precursor to the perfect shave.

*Products have been provided by Public Goods.

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