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Every Sunday we release The Journal, a weekly collection of musings on lifestyle, wardrobe, and culture—in efforts to redefine what it means to come home.


Positive Intentions


At On Sunday we believe in the power of positivity. Positivity doesn’t mean forced cheerfulness, and it doesn’t mean smiles at every minute of everyday. It doesn’t mean ignorance to injustice, and it doesn’t mean oblivion. What it does mean is hope—for the future, for the present, for the past. It means daily rejuvenation of the mind and spirit, and it means actively trying to make your life better.


As we walk into 2018 we want to do so with positive intentions for the future of this business, for our personal lives, and for each and every one of our readers. This year is a fresh start—there are no creases or dents yet in it. It is pristine and malleable and we will get out only what we put in. So, at On Sunday we have elected to put positive energy into 2018, and we want to share that positive energy and intent with you, through everything we create this year and beyond. We leave you this mantra for positive thought:

“I know that 2018 will be a year of progress, love, and growth. I will not allow negativity to sidetrack me from my path. I intend to learn from my mistakes, and make informed decisions. I deny negativity and will continually choose to go with the good.”

Thank you for being here, we’re so glad to have you.

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