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Throwing in the Towel

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January is the prime time to start over, and bath time is no exception. We all have that one towel that’s been around since the dawn of time—the seam has become ratty and unraveled, the pile sparse and threadbare, the bleach spots from-that-one-time increasingly more apparent with each faded wash. And while this mess of a towel is a bathtime veteran in every sense of the word, it may be time to retire it.

Once you’ve gotten rid of old faithful, finding a new main squeeze may seem like a daunting task. However, we’re here to attest that we’ve found the one that’s just right.

Enter the plush, luxury grade bath towels by The Graces. The start-up company is battling the unregulated use of the “organic” moniker by being completely transparent in their practices. The cotton industry has its fair share of problems, and The Graces recognizes this. By growing their cotton completely chemical free and organic, and moving crop straight from farm to factory, they have been able to significantly decrease negative global impact of their company.

On top of this, the towels are incredibly absorbent, which honestly on a personal level, is the most important hallmark of everyday towel use—and they’re always dry for your next day’s bath.

*Towels have been provided by The Graces.

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